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What to Tell Children About Their Bequest.

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We help families of wealth prepare heirs TODAY to responsibly manage wealth TOMORROW.

Only one-third of families retain their assets and harmony post-wealth transition to the next generation. This means 70% of families fail post-estate transfer.

The Williams Group researched thousands of families post-estate transfer and offers a proven approach to successful wealth transition.

We Are Post-Transition Specialists:

  • We prepare heir families for wealth and responsibility
  • We assist estate planning professionals
  • We mentor and coach heirs
  • We train wealth advisors
  • We speak on topics about family dynamics and successful wealth transfer in families of wealth

Post-Transition Responsibility Includes:

  • Identifying family and personal values
  • Developing and fulfilling a family mission
  • Discovering, building and using individual talents
  • Strengthening family relationships
  • Learning to work with advisors

Post-Transition Planning is the "missing link" in estate planning!

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Building Successful Estate Plans.

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Working With The Williams Group.

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Is your family among the 70% headed for post-estate transition failure, or among the 30% who will succeed? Take our 10Q Wealth Transition Checklist and receive a one-page snapshot report instantly.

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