"What you do is good for the world."
—Carlo Fidani, Owner, Orlando Corp.

Why We Exist


The Williams Group (TWG) believes in the adage, "The two most important days in our life is the day we are born . . . and the day we find out why."


It's the why we've been searching for all these past years; over half a century to be exact.  We know our quest has been successful, because of the successes we have witnessed first-hand, and that TWG is pioneering new frontiers to the age-old problem of shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations.


In other words, why does the 70% failure rate of estates being transferred to heirs, and the breakdown of post-transition estate plans exist?  It can be summed up in one word, Trust!  Our extensive research, after interviewing over 2,500 families, indicated that the single, biggest breakdown was caused by lack of trust.  It has been our experience that a breakdown in communication follows a diminution of trust, and without trust, there will be no meaningful communication. 


What is Trust? Very few have been able to define trust, other than just the benefits of trust. This also includes many of the major psychology institutions at universities around the world, who are trying to teach solving this problem, without actually being able to define it.  How can something this important be addressed, without first knowing the cause? Watch Roy talk about trust


What is Communication?  Is it merely the transfer of data from one computer to another, or is it far more? Is it the proper understanding of that information or the data required, which gives the correct perception and interpretation of the information? Watch Roy talk about communication


For 50 years, we have been working to identify why and where trust and communication are breaking down within families, and to then provide families with the tools they'll need to develop the skills in addressing these breakdowns.  Our work is to build the trust and communication bridges within families, so they can go forward together, working, loving, and creating the team they want to become, eliminating cordial hypocrisy, gossip, and betrayal.


My solution and life-goal is to facilitate the development of programs for universities, to help the world obtain teachable skills--using tools that have been proven to work--in building trust and communication throughout society and the world.  Hopefully, this will lead to building bridges worldwide--for families, businesses, communities, and governments, to cross.


To launch this endeavor, I am in the process of developing a $60 million foundation to fund this, because I firmly believe that by using this basic unit of humanity, the family, is the direction we, as a human society, should take in solving these greater universal problems, which face us all.