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Meeting the Staff
Advisor Coaching

We have partnered with advisors for more than 50 years to enable them to retain clients across generations. Today, it is more than just preparing the wealth for families. Experienced advisors are supporting their clients to prepare their families for the wealth they will inherit.


Advisors who attend our programs include wealth managers, estate and trust attorneys, financial planners, insurance providers and family office professionals.


Advisors are engaging in deeper conversations with clients regarding the health of family relationships. This requires a broader skill set than asset-management development and experience may provide.


We offer development in these areas:

  • Gaining comfort in non-financial conversations regarding wealth transfer and heir preparedness

  • Understanding the boundaries of the advisor role and when to bring in an outside resource

  • Knowing how to spot the red flags that may put a family in jeopardy and what to do about it

  • Learning how to run a family meeting


We also offer one-on-one case management to support advisors with live family situations.


We customize our development programs for each client’s needs. Fees are based on a project and/or hourly rate.

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