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Cari Caldwell

Family Consultant

Cari Caldwell is an executive coach, consultant, entrepreneur and is at her best when midwifing new possibilities for individuals and communities creating their futures. Through her years of experience and her natural ability to connect and build trust, Cari catalyzes and draws out strengths in her clients, is able to create conditions for that which no longer serves to be let go, and stands in the future of what next, healthiest, potential is ripe to be made a reality. Cari brings all of her experience as a leader, executive, entrepreneur, innovator, poet, anti-racism and maternal health activist, and mother with her as she journeys alongside her clients, not settling for less than the best and skillfully finding the right balance between challenge and support.  

​Cari is able to hold complexity, allow all parts of a given system to be present and see and dignify multiple perspectives, especially those not seen or heard by the dominant system. Cari is skillful at unpicking levels within systems and is passionate about creating understanding and capability to distinguish between I/Individual, We/Group and IT/System dynamics for the sake of removing barriers to desired futures and healthy systems. From tactical to strategic to deeply personal, Cari can move fluidly through the spaces required for multi-stakeholders groups to collaborate for the sake of a shared future they care about.

Cari was a Co-Founder and Director of Future Considerations leadership and organizational development consultancy for 11 years based in London, England. Future Considerations is a recipient of the WorldBlu Certification of the most democratic and freedom-centered workplaces. Prior to that, she worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers in the US and UK. Cari is also co-Founder and co-CEO of Birthwise Consulting focused on leadership in maternal and infant health and Producer of the Birthwise childbirth education DVD and app. From 2014-2018 she co-founded and was Director of Practice at Roller Strategies, working with philanthropy and foundations to more strategic responses to complexity and investment in social and environmental causes. Currently, she is CEO of Cari Caldwell Consulting and Founder of The Systems Collective, an international organization of practitioners who support and build capacity with multi-stakeholder initiatives working to create healthy systems and solve complex social and environmental challenges. 

Cari combines experience in starting up, leading, culturally transforming and selling businesses and exposure to varied sectors, cultures and geographies having worked in over 18 countries. Her clients have included HSBC, KPMG, British Petroleum, The Chicago Community Trust, The British National Health Service, The National Association for Certified Professional Midwives, Ford Motor Company, Cadbury Schweppes, Independent Purchasing Cooperative for Subway, EQ Office, UK Office of Fair Trading, Surrey County Council UK.

Cari is a constant and eager learner. She has trained extensively with and is currently on faculty for the Strozzi Institute completing courses in Embodied Leadership, Somatic Coaching, and Somatic Bodywork. She is a graduate of Newfield Ontological Coaching program, Theory U Global Classroom at MIT and VISIONS anti-racism training. She is certified in the Intercultural Development Inventory Psychometric, Spiral Dynamics with Don Beck, and Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool and Leadership Values Assessment. She holds a BA in Philosophy, History and International Studies from Northwestern University and has completed course work toward her Master’s in Intercultural Communication. Cari participates in the Art of Hosting community and has trained for 3 years in organizational and family systems based on the work of Bert Hellinger. Cari was a member AIESEC international youth leadership organization, has served on the Board of Advisors and is currently a member of the organization. She is currently working on a book integrating her passions for leadership, innovation, and birth that maps lessons from physiologic birth to organizational and systemic innovation. Cari is blessed to be a mother to Conor, Luca and their dog Rowdy and loves hot yoga and hiking the Rocky Mountains in her backyard in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Client quotes:

“Cari Caldwell is one of the best consultants and coaches I have ever worked with - and, over the last twenty years, I’ve worked with many. She takes a stand for her clients’ greatest and highest possibility, which would be terrifying in its enormity if she didn’t also come at it with such love and confidence in her clients that it occurs as simply exciting. She won’t stand for her clients playing small, and calls them on it, beautifully. To anyone who actually wants to make a difference, she’s one of the best in the world. And for it.” 

James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change, Minister of Statistics, Associate Minister of Finance of New Zealand


“Cari is one of the most intelligent and talented people I have ever met. She is a profound person, able to establish deep and meaningful connections with a diverse range of people. She is extremely open-minded, which allows for creative ideas to emerge easily in any context. She is very sharp, an ability which allows correct and fast analysis and response to complex realities and problems. This not only makes here a great consultant but a great CEO.” 

Fabio Sgargli, Open & Social Innovation Manager, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

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