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Genevieve Garcia

Family Consultant

Genevieve is an innate relationship builder. She thrives on supporting individuals to become independent and self-directed. She loves collaborating with families to help them become a more cohesive and communicative unit. She engenders confidence, empathy, and trust.


Genevieve received her Master’s in psychology from Pepperdine University in 2009. She completed additional communication, conflict resolution, Art4Healing, and coaching courses. Genevieve focuses on group dynamics, family systems, positive and developmental psychology. Since receiving her Master’s Genevieve has a decade of experience working in corporate, nonprofit, and educational multicultural environments where she developed her ability to listen empathically and deeply to understand a diverse range of people while recognizing and dignifying multiple perspectives. 


In 2012 Genevieve started her own company, Creativity 4 a Cause, and began coaching groups and individuals in the creative process with a focus on experiencing flow, increasing their level of happiness and achieving their personal goals. Genevieve has worked with Wounded Warriors, children with Autism, and people suffering from trauma, addiction, and other mental health challenges. Genevieve developed a training program and trains new facilitators.


Genevieve was born in Africa, lived and studied in Mexico, was raised in the United States, and has traveled extensively. She has participated with numerous humanitarian, environmental and animal rescue projects. These projects and her natural compassion have developed her commitment and ability to support others to achieve their goals and navigate change.


Genevieve continues her own personal work individually, in groups, and academically. She lives with her husband and dog in San Clemente, California and loves hiking in the beautiful Californian outdoors and taking long walks along the beach.

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