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Marion MacGillivray

Senior Family Consultant

Marion has 30 years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, corporations, and educational institutions in roles including coaching, leadership, training, professional development, business and strategic planning, program and organizational development, fundraising and consulting. Marion’s academic preparation includes degrees in psychology, communication and a master’s in education.

She co-founded and was Executive Director for 10 years of a home for abused and abandoned children. Marion became highly skilled in handling delicate interpersonal issues, facilitating challenging family communication and collaborating with social workers, psychologists, school districts, schools, attorneys and the courts. She was also a co-founder and served as Director of Development and Human Resources of ten K-12 public charter schools in California.

Marion’s deep caring for people and life experience makes her highly effective as a consultant and group facilitator with entrepreneurs, educators, and families, including blended and bicultural families. Marion’s areas of expertise are in education, communication, psychology, conflict resolution and mediation with individuals, families, groups and communities. Marion has worked extensively in the areas of developmental psychology, family systems, various forms of inquiry, and is committed to ongoing personal growth.

Marion brings a unique skill in cross-cultural awareness that spans numerous continents. She was born in Scotland, and grew up in South Africa. She became a world traveler living in London, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Belize, Panama and has made her home in the United States.

Marion and her husband of 30 years founded and have volunteered in numerous international humanitarian projects, including Zulu women’s groups, survivors of the Rwandan genocide, and indigenous Embera Indians in the Darien jungle of Panama. They facilitated volunteer groups from the UK and USA to provide assistance in these countries and connected business, philanthropic, governmental and thought leaders with these communities.

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