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NextGen Collaborative
  • Program focus (NextGen Only): We designed this collaborative peer-learning program to help the next generation to make their own way in life inside the complexities of great wealth

  • Length: Seven monthly 90-minute video conferences (includes one-on-one coaching)

  • Investment: Contact for pricing

  • Kickoff (complimentary): September 25, 2019, at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET

Please see the course outline below.

Registration is now closed. Please contact for information on our future programs.



Alex Gould — NextGen Collaborative Program

I was delighted to join such a focused and timely group to discuss with like-minded peers to discuss issues and concerns that we are all facing, in a structured and safe place. It was incredibly insightful to be surrounded by a unique group of successful individuals who are facing similar challenges. I enjoyed the group discussions and valued the regular check-ins. Discussions were well-thought-out and easy to digest, helping me gain a greater sense of direction, and unveil deeper questions to get to "the heart of the matter." It was incredibly useful to have the program structured the way it was. I also appreciated the smaller group discussions that occurred. I particularly enjoyed getting to know some of the other participants on a one-on-one basis.


Robyn Wagner — NextGen Collaborative Program

This class was the perfect capstone for our family meetings. It was a chance to get a more in-depth look at the concepts in the world outside my family. I was able to implement the same lessons I had learned with my family into my life outside my family unit. The group meetings helped me explore ideas I hadn't previously thought of, and the 1-1 meetings helped me dive deeper into the concepts and work through goals. 


Jordan Vander Kolk— NextGen Collaborative Program

Dear Williams Group Team, I want to take a moment to thank you for your contribution to myself in our recently completed NextGen Collaborative Course. I believe leadership is not a position but is a skillset and like the proverbial ax must be regularly sharpened. The NextGen Collaborative Course with your coaching has helped me to sharpen the ax by expanding my knowledge of communication as it shows up in my life in the assessments made and spoken and trust built with others. Joel, it has been a pleasure to get to know you, and thank you for the one-on-one sessions and discussions. Thank you to Nicholas for your leadership in the sessions and for your development of the materials and assignments. And thank you to Amy for your continued outreach to me and gentle prodding to push me to grow myself. As an encouragement to others who may consider this course for themselves, I encourage you to not just sign up but fully engage. The course is not a teacher-driven classroom lecture but is a personal exercise with very talented and learned coaches. Like any athlete who wishes to be the best at his or her craft, only by listening to great coaches and putting in every bit of practice can you become who you wish to be. This course will continue to develop individuals who can lead themselves and then others. In Gratitude, Jordan Vander Kolk

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