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One-on-One Coaching

Great wealth does not always equal great happiness. At The Williams Group, we offer one-on-one consulting for individual family members and couples to support them in navigating the complexities and opportunities of living with significant wealth. Family members who will benefit the most are those who:

  • Need additional skills to take them to the next level of greatness

  • Have wider responsibilities that require more skill balancing, increased commitments and effective action

  • Are questioning or seeking their purpose or direction, or those who want to focus their talents into purposeful action

  • Would benefit from higher levels of self-confidence to accelerate their career trajectories, enhance their relationships and take action they could not previously take


One-on-one consulting is available in three-month, six-month or one-year programs. We can meet in-person or by Zoom video conference. Our approach incorporates real-time issues to provide the platform for learning and practicing sustainable skills that create transformative change. Clients learn a new technology that allows them to engage with others more powerfully and with more dignity and more choice.

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