Our Coaches

Amy Castoro -Bridging Generations  Cover

Amy Castoro

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Amy Castoro is the president and Chief Executive Officer of The Williams Group, which prepares families for the smooth transfer of wealth among generations. For ten years, Amy has specialized in preparing high-net-worth families to successfully transition their wealth while keeping their families united and in control...

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Peter Yaholkovsky, MD

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Peter has an extensive background in linguistic foundations of action and relationships, having studied and worked with Dr. Fernando Flores at Logonet and Business Design Associates. He is certified by the Strozzi Institute as a Master Somatic Coach, with a special interest in developing the emotional skills for building...


Joel Kimmel

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Joel’s career covers a broad spectrum of coaching experience, from private clients to corporate executives, from family integration and visioning to outreach programs for inner-city youth. He has been a Senior Lead Family Coach for The Williams group for 20 years.  His approach with families focuses on teaching them co-design...

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Debbie Daniels

Senior Family Consultant

Debbie has an inviting way of being with people and families that creates a comfortable and safe place where deep work happens easily. Her effectiveness as a personal consultant and group facilitator comes from combining this authentic compassion with a strong and no-nonsense style that gets family members focused...

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Linda Curtis

Lead Family Consultant

Linda combines 20 years of corporate experience with a decade of coaching and consulting entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate and community leaders. The result is a common sense, an empathetic style that opens the way for clients to increase self-awareness, become powerful communicators...

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Sue Staker

Senior Family Consultant

Sue is dedicated to creating independence and sustainability in her clients by developing their competence to intentionally strengthen relationships, build authentic trust, and coordinate effectively together. Sue's consulting practice spans working with individuals to move their personal and...

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Marion MacGillivray

Senior Family Consultant

Marion has 30 years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, corporations, and educational institutions in roles including coaching, leadership, training, professional development, business and strategic planning, program and organizational development, fundraising and consulting. Marion’s academic preparation...

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Phil Halstein

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Phil has worked as a consultant, coach, and facilitator for over 35 years with leading businesses, executive teams, and families of wealth. Since 1995 he has been affiliated with the Williams Group as a lead consultant and worked with a dozen wealthy families, organizing and conducting over...


Scott Coady

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Scott’s work focuses on transformational leadership, high-performance team development and creating cultures that awaken and harness the brilliance of everyone in an organization enabling clients to achieve extraordinary results. Over four recent engagements, Scott has helped his clients produce an average...


Genevieve Garcia

Senior Family Consultant

Genevieve is an innate relationship builder. She thrives on supporting individuals to become independent and self-directed. She loves collaborating with families to help them become a more cohesive and communicative unit. She engenders confidence, empathy, and trust.



Senior Family Consultant

Cari Caldwell is an executive coach, consultant, entrepreneur and is at her best when midwifing new possibilities for individuals and communities creating their futures. Through her years of experience and her natural ability to connect and build trust, Cari catalyzes and draws out strengths in her clients, is able to create...

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Dr. Eunice Aquilina

Senior Family Consultant

Eunice Aquilina works with leaders, individually and collectively to unlock their capacity to effectively navigate emergent change and achieve the outcomes they seek. Her work is underpinned by her belief that transformative change begins with those who seek to lead it and who are...


James Flaherty

Senior Lead Family Consultant

James Flaherty has more than 30 years of experience consulting with top executives at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. He is the author of Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, which is widely recognized as a seminal text in the field of...

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Michael Kalikow

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Michael Kalikow is a coach and mediator.  His specialty is working with individuals and teams to address the root causes behind conflict, establish trust, and build alignment around shared vision and values.  Michael has been a mediator for 20 years, and spent over a decade working with affiliates of Harvard’s Program on...


Nicholas Yaholkovsky

NextGen Consultant

Nicholas is passionate about helping people live successful and fulfilled lives by teaching them to navigate the world of human relationships through the lenses of language and intentionality. He is especially focused on the empowerment of young people to live with agency, intentionality, and...