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Our New Book, "Bridging Generations," Endorsed by a Legend

Carl’s amazing story as a successful businessman, cancer survivor, and dedicated family man is featured in the June 5, 2017, Automotive News magazine. Click to read.

What the Sewells and others are saying about our new book:

“Roy Williams and The Williams Group coached our family into the next generation.  Peggy and I became coaches, sponsors and teachers for our children while letting them grow into leaders.  We learned to give our children a lot of responsibility augmented by trust, respect and love.  

We were taught by Roy Williams and Joel Kimmel.  We are all eternally grateful.  This book provides the information necessary to navigate the journey and the journey always requires guidance.” Carl & Peggy Sewell, founders and owners Sewell Automotive, Dallas, Texas

"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to ensure the wealth they leave their family has a positive impact." Pete Coors, Coors Brewing Company

"Williams and Castoro address one of the biggest pain points business families face. They explain what needs to be done, and they do it in practical terms along with riveting examples. This book fills a need!"  Mitzi Perdue of the Perdue and Sheraton Hotel families 

"As a wealth management professional, I recognize that merely focusing on creating or preserving financial wealth for families we work with is short-changing our clients. Families of wealth also yearn for wise counsel on how their financial wealth can be a force for good." Neil T. Douthat, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

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