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Wealth and Relationships: Is Your Family Ready For Wealth Transfer?

Take this quiz. If you score less than 4 “yes” answers, a successful transfer of wealth is unlikely. Contact us to discuss your results or any questions this may have provoked.

1. Does your family have a mission statement to define the purpose of your wealth?

2. Does the entire family participate in important decisions such as defining a mission for your wealth?

3. Do all heirs have the option of participating in the management of the family assets?

4. Do heirs understand their future roles, and have “bought into” those roles?

5. Have the heirs reviewed the family’s estate plans?

6. Do your wills & trusts make most asset distributions based on family member readiness rather than their age?

7. Does your family mission create incentives and opportunities for heirs?

8. Are younger children encouraged to participate in philanthropic grant-making decisions?

9. Does your family consider family unity to be just as important as family financial strength?

10. Does your family communicate well and meet regularly to discuss issues and changes?

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