Bridging Generations

Transitioning Family Wealth and Values for a Sustainable Legacy

Roy Williams and Amy Castoro

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ISBN: 1-931741-51-4

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“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to ensure the wealth they leave their family has a positive impact.  It offers valuable tools for families including how to get along, appreciate each other for each member’s talents and for developing the trust needed to be in harmony.”
-Pete Coors – Chairman, Coors Brewing Company


“As a wealth management professional, I recognize that merely focusing on creating or preserving financial wealth for the families we work with is short-changing our clients. Families of wealth also yearn for wise counsel on how their financial wealth can be a force for good - for future generations and for the communities where they live. Bridging Generations is an indispensable guidebook for those families.”
-Neil Douthat, CPWA, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management UBS Financial Services Inc.


As the baton of the family business and wealth is passed, millennials today find themselves stepping into larger, more complex organizations in a marketplace characterized by swiftly changing global forces. Their concerns are about how to professionalize the organization, how to build larger and more effective teams, how to navigate the immense information available to them through the Internet, and ultimately how to decipher what and whom they can trust. This book provides the tools and steps you can take now to prepare and protect your family from the catastrophic impact wealth can have on an unprepared family.

10-Q Wealth Transition Quiz

Is your family prepared for wealth transition?

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This 10-question quiz is a quick read on a family member’s view of the entire family's readiness for estate transition. It’s a simple yet highly effective tool to framing a conversation around non-financial issues.