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Giving a Speech

We offer interactive speaking engagements for advisors and their client families. We draw from more than 50 years of understanding what advisors and families need to ensure the wealth transfer process protects family harmony.


Topic for Advisors:

"Money Talks: What's It Saying to Your Client Families?"

Tailored to your audience, event goals and time frame, our talk pulls back the curtain on what happens when your clients’ children don’t trust each other, families don’t know how to talk about their money and why you should care. Beyond business growth, advisors discover increased satisfaction that comes from helping the inheriting generation become productive contributors to family unity and well-being. Attendees leave with guidelines to reinforce key concepts to adapt to their own clientele. Ideal for advisor meetings and conferences, this presentation will benefit all professional advisors who work with successful families. We explore these important topics:

  • Core drivers behind the 70 percent failure rate in estate transfers and what happens in families when trust and communication break down

  • How to ensure the governance structure is founded on family values

  • Best practices for engaging the whole family

  • Actions and tools to engage and connect in a more meaningful way with the children of your clients


We share family stories from our most recent book, Bridging Generations: Transitioning Family Wealth and Values for a Sustainable Legacy, which gives valuable insight into the core drivers behind the 70 percent failure rate in family estate transfers and best practices for aligning the estate plan and family governance. Advisors leave with actions and tools to help grow and retain their high-net-worth businesses by:

  • Deepening client relationships and engaging prospects

  • Meaningfully connecting with the next generation

  • Reducing the potentially negative impact of wealth and wealth transfer on families 


Topic for Families:

"Will Wealth Unify or Divide Your Family?"


Individuals and families learn the impacts of family dynamics on successful wealth transfer and what you can do today to prepare your family. This talk is beneficial to wealth creators, their families and others interested in sustaining their legacies . . . from one generation to the next. This presentation is ideal for client appreciation events. 


If you are interested in having us speak at your next event, contact Joan at

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