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What We do for Families

For over 50 years, we have been helping families answer the question, “How do we pass on our wealth and maintain family unity?” We teach families the essential skills to ensure relationships stay strong, the next generations are motivated, and the family legacy endures. We have served over 1200 families and businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Through the work of The Williams Group, families learn the essential skills of how to build trust with one another; move beyond the past and see new ways of building relationships; and foster direction, purpose, and involvement for individual family members, and for the family as a unit.

Pete Coors


Coors Brewing Corporation

Amy A Castoro, President & CEO williams group estate planning advisors


  • The Williams Group has my highest recommendation. To be in their presence and to learn from them is an honor and a joy!

    Eileen Fisher
    Eileen Fisher, Inc.
  • My family and I worked with The Williams Group for several years learning and practicing the steps outlined here. With this work, I am confident we have established a way forward that preserves all the family assets, including the most important: care, love and unity.
    Peter E. Gilgan
    Founder & CEO,
    Mattamy Homes Ltd.
  • Our first sessions with The Williams Group revealed that a lifetime of building a growing business did not provide the unique and personal skills required in transitioning wealth to an unprepared family.

    Paul Keiswetter
    President & CEO,
    Petoskey Plastics
  • Our work with The Williams group proved invaluable as it allowed us to learn together how to implement ways to honor our individual family goals, while collectively and unitedly leading a family business. We have developed the essential skills to address complex topics and preserve family harmony, peace, and trust. Through their proven approach and process, we can now have generative, creative conversations as a “high performing family team” that pave the way for our future generations.  We are grateful for their expert guidance and continued support.

    Corinna Holt Richter
    President and Chief Administrative Office,