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A Conversation is the First Step Toward

Successful Wealth Transition and

Family Unity

What We do for Families

"At The Williams Group, we teach families to engage in the challenging conversations they may be avoiding and are causing discord. Our commitment is to enable families to strengthen trust and communication to ensure their families will thrive and their wealth will be a force for good in the family for generations to come."

-Amy A. Castoro, President & CEO


Family Readiness Assessment

This in-depth assessment involves all family members and more fully assesses your entire family’s readiness for estate transition.

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"This is by far one of the best and most useful webinars we have ever had" -Barry Nickelsberg, Chief Development Officer - Estate & Gift Planning.

Recent Press

Michael Kitces talks with Amy Castoro about how estate plans are only half of the equation for a successful wealth transfer to the next generation.  Click here to listen.


What People Say

Pete Coors


Coors Brewing Corporation

Through the work of The Williams Group, families learn the essential skills of how to build trust with one another; move beyond the past and see new ways of building relationships; and foster direction, purpose, and involvement for individual family members, and for the family

as a unit. 

Peter E. Gilgan

Founder & CEO,

Mattamy Homes Ltd.

My family and I worked with TWG for several years learning and practicing the steps outlined here. With this work, I am confident we have established a way forward that preserves all the family assets, including the most important: care, love and unity.

Paul Keiswetter

President & CEO, 

Petoskey Plastics

Our first sessions with The Williams Group revealed that a lifetime of building a growing business did not provide the unique and personal skills required in transitioning wealth to an unprepared family.

White Paper

Download and read our most recent White Paper "Why It's So Important for Family Members to Work Together as a Team".

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