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For over 50 years, The Williams Group has guided high-net-worth families in securing their legacies. Our consultants specialize in fostering trust and communication to ensure seamless wealth transfer. From family coaching to business consulting, we tailor our services to fortify relationships and align intentions with actions. Read more about our services below to learn how we can help

Family Readiness Assessment™

Our in-depth Assessment measures your entire family’s current readiness for estate transition, and is taken anonymously by all family members, including spouses, adult children, and grandchildren. The methodology is based on the findings of our family research that identified the critical areas within a family that underlie 95 percent of post-estate transition failures…

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Family Coaching

To prepare family members, and work within family systems, requires the guidance of skilled practitioners who evolved from other professional fields and who bring years of experience in family consulting. Our Coaches come from various backgrounds, including psychology, medicine, estate planning, social work, philanthropy, education, and communication…

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Succession Planning​

Succession plans, although vital, are not enough to keep families intact as they navigate a business succession process. Even when expert succession plans are in place, they are insufficient to protect a family from imploding. Data backs this up….

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one on one coaching

One-On-One Coaching

Great wealth does not always equal great happiness. At The Williams Group, we offer one-on-one consulting for individual family members and couples to support them in navigating the complexities and opportunities of living with significant wealth….

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Family Enterprise Consulting

Our mission is to engage teams that are seeking greater performance, profit, and impact while protecting the family as a unit. Services include: team effectiveness, executive consulting, and onboarding support…

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Advisor Coaching

We have partnered with professional advisors for more than 50 years to enable them to retain clients across generations. Today, it is more than just preparing the wealth for families. Experienced advisors are supporting their clients by preparing their families for the wealth they will inherit…

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We offer interactive programs for advisors and their client families, drawing from our decades of work to ensure the wealth transfer process protects family harmony…

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