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The Williams Group, founded by the late Roy O. Williams, was built on the foundational commitment to keeping families together through wealth transition. Since 1964, The Williams Group has been helping families who struggle with the question, “How much and when?” Acknowledged as the Dean of Post-Transition Research and Planning, Roy was a pioneer in the art of assisting high-net-worth families to meet the challenges of transferring wealth from one generation to the next.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Roy o. Williams

Client families report that through Roy’s work, they are more prepared to manage their wealth as opposed to the wealth managing them by learning new communication and trust tools that allow them to work together as a family.

Roy’s groundbreaking 20-year study of 2,500 families combined with an extensive research project including another 750 families with the Miami of Ohio School of Business set out to determine why only one-third of families succeeded in retaining their wealth into the next generation.*

What Roy learned was the problems did not stem from failures of taxes, governance, or preservation but were instead the result of the breakdown of trust and communication within the family unit and heirs who were unprepared for financial responsibility. Other causes of post-transition failure included unprepared heirs for their future roles and responsibilities and the need for an agreed-upon mission for the family’s wealth.

Roy realized essential elements were missing from the current estate planning approach, leading to the development of The Williams Group Process™. As a part of this Process, The Williams Group developed the Family Readiness Assessment™ to provide families a baseline from which to evaluate their likelihood of success based on heir preparedness, alignment of family values, and levels of trust and communication.

*The Williams Group defines wealth transition “success” to mean the family retains control of its assets and family harmony post-estate transfer to heirs.