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Our goal is to preserve family unity and maintain control of family assets through the wealth transition process. Our estate planning services emphasize trust, communication, and alignment with your professional advisors to ensure your plan is carried out as intended. We have found that in approximately 70 percent of estate transfers, families lose control of their assets and become divided despite having excellent estate planning. We help you beat these odds by building a strong foundation of family relationships.

Estate plans are designed to take care of assets, not relationships. Many families believe that the work is done once their estate plans are in place. As a result, they avoid having the important conversations needed to be confident that their plans will be implemented as intended. We help families overcome this hurdle by introducing essential skills to preserve family unity and trust. The same skills that created the wealth are not the same skills that give it away.

You’ve prepared the assets for the heirs; now it’s time to prepare the heirs for the assets.

Our proven process, developed over 50 years, starts with an initial assessment and minimal investment. Family results are benchmarked against 2,500 ultra-high-net-worth families to get a snapshot of three core variables that determine a successful transition. Families can then make an informed decision about where they want to put their resources.

We meet you where you are. Every family has unique dynamics that require a highly customized and adaptable approach. Our process includes the entire family—spouses, grandparents, and children over 16. We know our work is done when a family successfully navigates challenging conversations on their own, and each person is excited about the future. Family members can have honest and open discussions and embody the skills that demonstrate high levels of trust. Families can work well together and clarify their roles and expectations in honoring the family legacy.

We put you in the driver’s seat. We work on a meeting-by-meeting basis according to your family’s needs and if you are finding value. Our fees combine a flat fee and an hourly billing structure. Every Williams Group family meeting has one Senior Lead Coach and one Family Listening Coach. Also available are specialty Coaches, depending on your family’s needs, such as a Passion Coach, Executive Coach, or Business Coach.

Please call us to learn how we can help your family to prepare for tomorrow.