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Preparing family members and working within family systems requires the guidance of skilled practitioners who have evolved from other professional fields and bring years of experience in family consulting. Our Coaches come from various backgrounds, including psychology, medicine, estate planning, social work, philanthropy, education, and communication.

Legacies are built on relationships and relationships are built on strong communication skills.

Amy Castoro

President & CEO

Every family meeting we facilitate includes one Senior Lead Coach and one Senior Family Coach. Also available are specialty Coaches, depending on your family’s needs. Our Coaches are trained in developing high-performing teams in families and organizations with a specific emphasis on how language and mood affect the coordination of the planning effort.

Our Coaches

  • Lead Coaches are our most experienced. Each has a minimum of 15 years of consulting experience in families and organizations. They are responsible for facilitating meaningful conversations, teaching the relevant communication tools at the right time, and ensuring the overall success of the family experience.
  • Senior Family Coaches are expert listeners. They are trained to listen for what is being said, what is not being said, when to explore a particular topic further, and how to ensure that important issues are brought to the surface during family meetings. The primary role of the Senior Family Coach is to establish an atmosphere of safety and trust. 
  • Role Development Coaches are specialists who identify the multiple needs and roles based on the family’s values, mission, and estate plan. Examples of family roles include executor, trustee, family office executive, money manager, and foundation head. Each role requires observable and measurable standards for qualification and performance. This process also includes the roles of all family advisors in the event any of the advisors can no longer fill the role, necessitating the hiring of a new advisor. When the family and advisors are involved in the roles process, it results in deeper knowledge and a stronger team. It serves as a model for future generations.
  • Passion Coaches typically work with the next generation to identify their passions. At times, the Coach will work with the current family leader(s) to explore the next stage of their career as they make room for the next generation to assume their family roles. Passion Coaches may use networking strategies, one-on-one consulting, interviews with other family members, and shadowing techniques, among other strategies, to support a family member in identifying a future role and life’s passion.
  • Implementation Coaches work closely with the family to implement its Family Wealth Mission Statement and identify educational needs, governance, investment strategies, and philanthropic goals. These Coaches also work closely with the family advisors and may come from the legal, accounting, or tax fields.