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We guide our client families in taking on the challenge of discussing family wealth. One family created more clarity regarding the roles of individual family members in planning for the future, such as what it means to be an executor or who will coordinate family vacations. The next generation took the conversation one step further. It began to build a new business idea born from the rich history and care they had for their community.

Another family finally engaged in their long-awaited discussion about “How much, and when?” Starting that conversation enabled the next generation to find their place and for the family to determine the rightful place for their resources in their lives by discussing expectations regarding distributions openly. Another family with adult children in their mid-20s found the courage to “normalize” the fact that they are wealthy and to engage in meaningful conversations about how to be a healthy, wealthy family.

In these cases and others, the result of these conversations is increased trust, the ability to make decisions more quickly, and clarity about how family members can contribute to their well-being and the world around them.

The following case studies illustrate our work with actual families. The names have been changed to honor their privacy.

Keeping trust issues from derailing the family’s future.