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Our in-depth assessment measures your entire family’s current readiness for estate transition and is taken anonymously by all family members, including spouses, adult children, and grandchildren.

The methodology is based on the findings of our family research that identified the critical areas within a family that underlie 95 percent of post-estate transition failures:

  • A breakdown within the family of communication and trust (60 percent)
  • Heirs who are unprepared to manage and unwilling to be held accountable (25 percent)
  • Lack of an agreed-upon family wealth mission (10 percent)

The assessment offers the family a baseline to determine their chances of success after the transition. This baseline is established by comparing it to the 2,500 families in The Williams Group research. It can be compared against future Assessment results to measure progress. 

Below is an example of a family’s survey results before and after consulting.

“Eagle” Family Pre-Coaching Graphs – Family Readiness Assessment Results

“Eagle” Family Post-Coaching Graphs – Family Readiness Assessment Results