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Amy Castoro -Bridging Generations  Cover

Amy Castoro

Senior Lead Family Consultant

Amy Castoro is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Williams Group, which prepares families for the smooth transfer of wealth across generations.


For eleven years, Amy has specialized in preparing high-net-worth families to successfully transition their wealth while keeping their families united and in control of their assets. She is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, and senior family coach. Amy’s clients recognize her for her honest and compassionate approach that yields long-term relationships and results.


Amy has more than two decades of experience building high-performing individuals and teams that develop trust quickly, coordinate effectively, and build resilient relationships. She leads family members; high-net-worth advisors; business leaders; executive managers; and teams from Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits to innovate, lead, and work better together. Amy's experience with The Walt Disney Company, Adecco Corporation, and Grant Thornton Management Consulting provide her with a strong foundation of leadership in organizations. Amy's representative corporate clients included Microsoft, Swarovsky, Capital One, ABB, Welcome/Trust, and Equifax.


She holds a bachelor of arts degree in organizational psychology from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York, and a Masters in Somatic Coaching through the Strozzi Institute. Also, Amy completed a three-year business course with Hecht and Associates that emphasized the design of new offers and optimizing threats and opportunities in business. She is engaged in continuing education with Dr. Fernando Flores, focused on the dynamics of working on teams.


In 2020, Amy’s chapter, “Ladies, Take a Seat,” was published in a book titled Stepping into Your Power: An Embodied Approach to Developing Women Leaders. She frequently appears on podcasts; Motley Fool Rule Breaker Investing ranked one of her appearances among its top ten.


Amy is the author of Bridging Generations—Transitioning Family Wealth and Values for a Sustainable Legacy (2017).

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