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We recently surveyed our community of contacts to learn more about their emerging needs during these turbulent times. The resounding request was for increased skills to navigate uncertainty, foster resilience, and build trust in families while navigating uncertainty.

For 50 years we have developed a widely recognized and applauded reputation for family coaching. Today we are excited to formalize the following offers based on the survey results:

  1. One-on-one coaching for client family members or advisors to better navigate transitions, foster resilience, and remain focused under pressure.
  2. Succession planning consulting for businesses and ventures focused on preparing the next generation, clarifying roles and decision making, and creating high-performance teams.
  3. Advisor team development programs to strengthen the relationship between the advisor and clients to retain assets, build relationships, and engage family dynamics.
  4. NextGen Collaborative a peer learning virtual program to support the next generation of clients while they design their own lives, bolster leadership skills, and learn to make powerful offers.

Please let me know if you are interested in exploring suggestions we may have to help you strengthen relationships with your clients, families, and/or family businesses during these challenging times.  Here is a link to our services on our website.

Stay well,

Amy Aubre Castoro

President & CEO