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Nicholas is passionate about helping people live successful and fulfilling lives by teaching them to navigate the world of human relationships through the lenses of language and intentionality. He is especially focused on the empowerment of young people to live with agency, intentionality, and authorship.

He has studied and worked with Fernando Flores at Logonet, utilizing online games to teach executives of diverse backgrounds to be members of high-performing teams. Nicholas was a mobilizer for Opus Dynamic, teaching commitment-based management and reinforcing those teachings throughout business practices to ensure that learning is embodied and ingrained beyond the classroom. Clients remark that Nicholas is very skilled at diagnosing and analyzing obstacles to success and supporting them to achieve their goals.  

Earlier in Nicholas’ career, he was an umpire and coach with baseball teams for two years. He studied at the University of California at Santa Cruz. It was during these studies that his love of language inspired him to study linguistics.