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From our team to your family team, we say thank you for the honor and privilege it is to be a part of your lives. We wish you all a holiday season filled with love, appreciation, and kindness. We thought you might appreciate a few key phrases to keep in mind to serve that intention!

1. “You can be right, or you can be in a relationship.”

Exploring the other perspective does not mean you change your mind; it just creates a bridge that allows for better listening. A simple question: “Say more” is a great way to show you care.

2. “Reloading while listening is not listening.”

Notice when you are more focused on what you will say next instead of what is being said. Ask questions to understand their meaning and have them experience being heard and cared for. Slow the conversation down to allow the conversation and relationship to bloom.

3. “For The Sake of What?” When at odds with someone, consider the wider perspective of what is important to you and them, such as the relationship, expressing care, compassion, or concerns. Then see if you can co-design a path forward that is about taking care of concerns rather than what is right or wrong.

4. “Cordial Hypocrisy” Saying yes, or nothing at all, to keep the peace rather than speaking your truth will cause increasing dissonance. Pause the conversation to respectfully say what is important to you and look for a more sincere way forward.

5. “Alignment ≠ Agreement” Alignment does not equal agreement; it means you understand what matters to each other and are then willing to co-design a path forward you both can live with.

With gratitude,

Amy Castoro and The Williams Group Team