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Joel’s career covers a broad spectrum of coaching experience, from private clients to corporate executives, from family integration and visioning to outreach programs for inner-city youth. He has been a Senior Lead Family Coach for The Williams group for 20 years.  His approach with families focuses on teaching them co-design a path forward that strengthens family unity, gives them the skill to connect through conflict, and contribute to the family’s wealth and legacy in meaningful ways.

Joel’s organizational clients include: US Bank, Shell Oil, Wells Fargo Wealth, Mattamy Corporation, Itron International, the Charles Schwab Foundation, and Allianz Life. Joel’s perspective, whether as your individual coach or corporate consultant, brings a communication technology that promotes personal opportunity and change. He applies the power of language to personal and business leadership.

A military veteran, world-class athlete, and recipient of the Presidential Call to Service Award, Joel is also the author of Self – The Vast World Behind Your Words. His promise is that those who engage with him will be able to build honest and authentic personal relationships with ease and inspiration. Having been someone who has literally touched death and returned, he has a wealth of insight to share with our world.