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Debbie has an inviting way of being with people and families that creates a comfortable and safe place where deep work happens easily. Her effectiveness as a personal consultant and group facilitator comes from combining this authentic compassion with a strong and no-nonsense style that gets family members focused on what really matters to them. She has a well-earned reputation for producing dramatic individual and group results in a short period of time.

Debbie’s effectiveness is the culmination of over 30 years of deeply personal work with people and groups in a wide range of situations and industries, and extensive and ongoing academic preparation. Debbie’s work uses strategies drawn from a variety of discourses, including Inter-personal Communications, Behavioral Psychology, Systems Theory, and Ontological and Somatic Coaching. This synthesis enables her to help families and their members observe breakdowns from numerous vantage points, which creates opportunities for new thinking, purpose-driven action, and passionate living.

Debbie’s academic preparation includes a Masters in Social Work specializing in family and system dynamics, certification in mediation, and post-graduate credentialing in counseling, personal development, and consulting. Debbie has achieved three coaching certifications, through the International Coaching Federation and The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is a Master Somatic Coach with the Strozzi Institute. She also holds advanced credentialing by the National Association of Social Work.

Debbie lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, and has two grown children and two grandchildren. She is a dedicated yoga student, an avid outdoor adventurer, and an enthusiastic traveler.