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Maggie Weiss has spent her entire career developing effective team-building programs, directly managing training/consulting organizations, and consulting with organizations, communities, and families to maximize effective performance through the development of people. Her commitment is to people working joyously and powerfully together; each individual’s unique contribution is fully expressed. Always at the center of what she does is tapping into the collective intelligence and heart of those engaged for the often surprising, always profound accomplishments that come as a result.

Specializing in numerous approaches she has found useful and effective include Integral Leadership in Adaptive Situations, Somatic Awareness, Trust Building, Coordinating Action Conversations, and Appreciative Inquiry. She has designed and led engagements in global corporations, government agencies, and large capital projects primarily focused on the Executive Team leading the Cultural Change necessary for innovation and/or care for people and the environment. Clients included Chevron, BP, Shell, Irving Oil, Cargill, Intel Fab Construction and Chip Manufacturing, AT&T, Microsoft, Johnson Controls, BARDA in Dept. of HHS. Maggie has also worked with the UN Development Program to develop a grassroots leadership response to HIV-Aids Pandemic in Bombay and Northern and Southern Nigeria. Maggie continues to volunteer with youth, parents, and communities with the Breakthrough Foundation, Youth-At-Risk Program, Now Unlocking Futures New York, Learning Forum/SuperCamp, and numerous high schools and colleges throughout the US and India.

Maggie is a sister, aunt, mother, stepmother, and grandmother. She loves the great outdoors, farmers’ markets, musical theater, foreign movies, and gathering with loved ones for dinner.