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Phil has worked as a consultant, coach, and facilitator for over 35 years with leading businesses, executive teams, and families of wealth. Since 1995 he has been affiliated with the Williams Group as a lead consultant and worked with a dozen wealthy families, organizing and conducting over 50 family meetings and several hundred individual and small group consulting sessions.  His role has been to:

  • Win the trust of the patriarch and matriarch that their family could learn to be together in a way that helps them achieve their legacy and wealth succession 
  • Show family members how to improve inter-family trust and communication which sustains family unity, wealth, and heritage
  • Prepare family members to work in cooperative ways with each other and with their wealth management advisors
  • Work within family businesses to develop performance standards for bringing family members into the business and to design governance policies to coordinate the intersection of business ownership, management, and family participation
  • Prepare 2nd generation family members to productively participate in the family business, to learn how to manage and leverage their wealth using philanthropy, and to learn how to select and work with wealth advisors
  • Expand the family’s capacity to think and plan together for the successful transition of wealth – while the parents are living  
  • Work with family members to create a unified family legacy mission and action plan that incorporates the various interests and social concerns of family members.

Phil builds the capacity of his clients to better motivate and manage themselves – particularly in challenging or stressful situations. He expands their emotional intelligence, he strengthens their somatic presence for staying present, open, and connected in the midst of upset and change, and he teaches them how to use the power of language for creating new possibilities, powerful relationships, and satisfying futures.

Phil works with his clients – both families and individuals to give them the ability to better observe and manage their internal conversations, to more effectively speak and listen to others, and to take more productive action. At the same time, he helps them consistently align their thinking, their language, and their actions to create more satisfying relationships and lives.

Phil has always been fascinated to learn what it takes for people to work together to be more productive as a group while being more satisfied as individuals. During his career he has:

  • Designed and conducted consulting engagements working with senior executives and leaders from around the world to improve organizational productivity within a wide range of industries. Programs have included: culture change, executive team development, business process improvement, service quality improvements, and leadership development.
  • Been a partner and program designer with SportsMind – an innovative leadership and management development company. His work has been applied in various corporate cultures to produce greater employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Worked with companies such as Capital One Financial, Microsoft, Motorola Semiconductor, American Express, Smith Barney, Frito-Lay, Pacific Bell, Warner Bros., Young & Rubicam Advertising, EF Hutton, ABB in Sweden, Agip Petroli in Italy and Ontario Hydro in Canada.

Phil started his career as a professional balloonist in New York City. He became a certified FAA examiner and opened one of the first FAA certified Balloon Inspection Facilities on the east coast. He currently lives with his wife in Marin County, California.