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Eunice Aquilina works with leaders, individually and collectively to unlock their capacity to effectively navigate emergent change and achieve the outcomes they seek. Her work is underpinned by her belief that transformative change begins with those who seek to lead it and who are awake to who they are, their relationships and the wider organization. She draws on over 25 years of working in executive positions and leading change within blue-chip companies.

In her last position at the BBC, she played a lead role in Making it Happen, in which 10,000 staff participated in redesigning the organization’s culture, workplaces audience relationships, and people policies. Eunice was instrumental in the development of their award-winning internal coaching network and her doctorate research explored how these coaching conversations supported organizational learning. Since then she has supported a number of global organizations in developing leaders’ capacity to engage in different conversations.

Eunice brings a unique approach combining embodied learning, adult learning principles, linguistics and complexity science. A graduate member of the British Psychological Society, she has a Masters of Science in Organisational Behaviour and a Doctorate in Professional Development. She is a master accredited coach (EMCC) and an accredited coach supervisor.

Eunice has recently published her first book, Embodying Authenticity, a somatic path to transforming self, team, and organization in which she shares her research through leaders’ stories of navigating change for themselves and with others. She is the co-author of a chapter on Somatic Coaching in the forthcoming second edition of the Handbook of Coaching Psychology. A keynote speaker, Eunice has spoken at a number of conferences both in the UK and Internationally